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Thermal interface compound....

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Nov 5, 2002
I have a Thermaltake Volcano 6 Cu on my Athlon XP 1700. I have been advised to put on Arctic Silver and overclock to at least a 1900. Would love to milk the CPU. My system moves fast.. but there is always faster. The Volcano 6 had thermal interface compound on it and I'm running around 40 degrees right now with defaults... NP. To put on Arctic Silver should I:

a) Take off the old interface material and how?
b) Buy a new heatsink and fan (or salvage parts of the Volcano)?
c) Add the AS to the old interface material
c) Leave it all alone and forget the AS.

Thanks for advice.
are you talking about the the thermal pad that comes already attached to the bottom of the hs area? if so, remove that with the highest content isoproply alcohol, acetone, things like that then apply as3.

Yes the "Berequist" pad that comes on the 6Cu. I read in places to scrape off with a knife after heating the heatsink with a hairdryer (because the material will want to stick to the processor). And that seemed like it would scratch the copper. Another said to use fine sandpaper.

I figured you guys here are pretty knowledgeable and trustworthy. Thanks for the advice.
so you have any of those liquids i mentioned in my last post? nail polish remover might do as well. just as long as the content of whatever you are using does not leave any sort of residue. like oils and the like?
he better worry about cleaning off that thermal pad before doing any hardcore overclocking cause that s--t will hinder his performance fo sho!!