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Thermal output for geforce4 cores

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Jul 11, 2001
Anyone know what the rated output for Geforce4 GPU is? I'm attempting to throw together a peltier cooler for my Ti4400 and am having mixed results. At 1.82 volt vcore (default 1.66) and stock heatsink, I'm getting GPU back temps of around 50C. With my modified 72watt peltier setup I'm getting around 30C. Sure that's a 20 degree drop but I really think I could do about the same with a good air solution. So unless my system is just horribly configured, I'd expect this core is putting out something like 50watts, and I find that hard to believe with such a small retail cooler.
Actually, it's NOT unreasonable to believe that... it's just that the gpu can run hotter, longer with less issues than a cpu... add to that the increased die size for the gpu, partly explains why it dissipates the heat with such substandard cooling (more surface area)...
Yeah, the actual die is quite a bit larger too. From the imprint on the heatspreader it looks like about the same size as a P4 core. Still would like to know how much heat it radiates though.