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Thermal Pads for Older GTX cards

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Jan 12, 2015
Hi everyone,

I recently re-did the thermal paste on my GPU's.

Now I have decided to treat my video cards to new thermal pads for the RAM chips on them, as it is very unlikely that a new video card will be in the budget anytime soon.

Obviously I will also have to re-do the GPU thermal paste again in the process.

Have three GTX 970 and one GTX 1060 6GB.

I ended up getting some Thermalright pads in various thicknesses (1.0 and 1.5). The pads are rated at 12.8 w/mk.

Since I know very little about thermal pads I decided to ask if 12.8 w/mk is sufficient for such RAM chips. What do you suppose the factory might have used on comparison?

Thanks for any input.
Factory will use the cheapest thing they can find.
The Thermalright pads are way better.
Thanks Mr.Scott.

Didn't occur to me the factory would cheap out, but thinking about it, it actually makes sense.
Fujipoly used to be the top brand/most recommended years ago. If memory serves me correctly they were rated around 12.8 w/mk as well. The Thermalrights should be a considerable improvement over OEM, though you won't notice a difference (read OC) unless you were having thermal issues in the first place. Still, it provides a good piece of mind and with thermals, lower is always better.
Factory will use the cheapest thing they can find.
In fairness, this depends on the card, but is mostly correct. Some mid-range+ SKUs tout they put 'premium' thermal pads on the VRMs, etc. You see this on motherboards now too.

My advice would be to confirm your card isn't advertising such a thing and if not, go for it....... understanding the info in Blay's post. :thup: