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Thermal Probe Question

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Feb 4, 2002
Wethersfield, CT
I am thinking of buying a thermal probe with an LCD display and I have been hearing from people not to put it directly on the cpu in between a waterblock/heatsink but to put it somewhere else. Is this true and if it is where would I put it and would it give me accurate temps?
Obviously you can't put it between the CPU DIE and the block. To get a semi accurate Core temp you want the sensor to touch the SIDE of the core, you can tape it to the cpu so that it just touches the edge.
i took an old digital thermometer thats super acurate and goes to the tenth of a degree... and i desoldierd the probe and put it on 16in wires..put a pin header on the board so i can take it off and cut a hole in an old bay cover....
maskedgeek said:
does taping it to the bottom work??

But then you are getting temps like all socket probes in the mobo, from UNDER the CORE, does not a lot of good.
iv seen people do it for some reason, and i think its better cuz there isnt a big air gap....