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thermal probe

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Where is the best place to put the thermal probe on the proc in-between the heat sink and proc or on the heat sink itself? Right now I have it in-between and the temp is unusually high, 45c unclocked

help greatly needed before i can begin turning my amd up

thanks to all that reply
Just a word of caution. Last week I fried a 1g TBird when I placed a thermistor next to the CPU core between it and the HSF. It kept the HSF just far enough away from the core that the CPU cooked. That might explain your temps being a bit high.
There's just about no way to avoid having to drill a hole in your HS and mount it that way. You have no idea how hard it was for me to take my nice (read expensive) Swiftech MC-462A and drill a 1mm hole in it, but being a purist, that was what I had to do to feel my temperature measurements were accurate. Talk about hardcore.
To add insult to injury, only after having performed my sacrifice to the OC gods, was I able to determine that the thermistor under my CPU, having been carefully repositioned several times, was reading within .4C of the drilled sensor! The exception to that is during times of temperature transition, where it lags a few seconds behind.

I'm running a slot a athlon, and the middle of the heat sink is flush against the proc but the sides just gap enough to fit the thermal probe in-between. so the temp I am reading is acualy off the proc itself.

But the Question is "Is 45c a little to high as fare as temp goes of the proc, for being uncocked or should i mount the thermal probe on the heat sink itself."

I need a real answer, I Know that usually you can't put the probe in-between the heat sink and proc but there is a gap. I need help to continue overclocking .
oh and i am using a generic three fan heat sink. I plan on up grading to a better set up but for now should i remount the thermal probe or pay attention to the readings.

thanks to all to answer me

I am clueless