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Thermal sensor to measure cpu temps

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You can get a compunurse or RS makes a generic equivalent. That is the closest to accurate you can get if you attach it correctly. Do a search(I will for you later, check this post later) or ask around and find the best way to attach it near your core. People have played around with theirs so ask them to save time and epoxy. Good Luck!:)

Here's the link . Tell us how it goes if you do get one.
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Hey Cyber Fred, I do use Sysoft Sandra and Hardware monitor and get readings directly from the bios itself, however this board of mine(a7v133) is rumoured to have inaccurate reeadings regardless what prog u use..so I am looking an actual heat senser that I can place next to the cpu in order to get a baseline reading. my bios says 46c right now, but thoery is that people who own my board should knock off 8-10c to get an accurate reading that would make it around 36-38c. I would rather be more precise and get the temp form the horses mouth and not by guessing.
thanks M-mike for the link and tip and you too fred:)
If you are using an Athlon XP CPU and if you are using water cooling, this is what you need.

This device can be inserted in-line with the water block inlet or outlet, depending upon which temperature you are interested in monitoring. It then plugs into you motherboard SMBus header and connects to the backside of your CPU socket to allow you to read the Athlon XP internal thermal diode. So, you can accurately monitor the water temperature and most importantly the core temperature using MBM5. Since this is not the classifieds, I can't go into much more detail, but if you want to know more about it, PM me.

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CyberFed said:
compunurse is the cheap way or the digital doc 5 if you really wanna turn some heads, but you can always use sysoft sandra for now to get a baseline temp reading its only off by 2-4C and its free...i dont know how accurate your looking to be..

These software readings come from the motherboard's built in thermal sensors. They are only as accurate as the motherboard's built in sensors. No piece of software is more accurate than another. To achieve anything close to accuracy you need an external probe. I use a flat ribbon probe on my core read by a DigiDoc5. I have done some testing and found that it is very accurate, and reads 10 degrees cooler than the mobo reading I get through AsusProbe. I have an A7V.