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Thermalright SK-6 is on the way!!!!!

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Go to pricewatch I thought I saw one there for like 40 bucks. Always cross check the quality of the sevice vs. prices at resellerratings.

Open two windows or you will be there all day !
Heck yah , millisec.com has SK-6 for 36 bucks no thats a good price!
I liked that part of ordering this H/S! I think you should be able to chose your own fan for all of the H/S out there. here's how my order played out

Code Name Quantity
Price/Ea. Total
1525HSTR Thermalright SK6 Copper Heatsink 1
$62.48 $62.48
FAN: Delta Black Label
Shipping: Ontario & Quebec - XpressPost 1-2 Days
Transit: $9.98

GST Tax: $5.07

PST Tax: $5.80

Sales Tax: $10.87

Total: $83.33

How many goverments do you have collecting tax??

OUCH again!!!

1.00 (Ther01SK6) ThermalRight SK6 with Delta $45.95 $45.95
60x60x25mm fan
* Weight: 1.20 lbs. each
* Option: Shim Option is No Shim Option

Total Shipment Weight: 1.20 lbs. Subtotal: $45.95
Shipping & Handling: $6.10
Total: $52.05
Hey guys just so you guys dont throw ur Sk-6 at the wall soon as you see it post at 130f plus I thought I'd fill you guys in on what I had to do just to achieve near Swiftech 462 temps... 8) 8)
Go buy some wet/dry sandpaper in these grits..
Make sure you find a absolutely flat surface like a tile counter or a piece of glass to sand your block on and lap the hell out of the bottom of the heatsink, otherwise this heatsink will perform worse than a 5 dollar oem one Sounds odd, but I had the excact same problem, Cause the bottom was machined worse than any other cooler I've ever bought, you can feel the machining grooves on the bottom of the heatsink..
Hope this helps..
22% on all purchases!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn I always complain about 7% on top of income tax.

If you play the market they take 39% of our profit unless you hold for over a year, one year or longer then you get to pay 20%. :):(:):(
Ehh.. let me tell you about sweden :).. First pay 32% income taxes, unless you make more then about $4000 a month when it steps up to about 48%. Then pay 25% extra to the goverment on everything you buy. Plus there are penalty taxes on alchohol, tobacco and petroleum. A pack of smokes is at about $4, and one LITRE of gas is at about $1... don't even mention the booze.. can't afford to get drunk hehe..

ON THE OTHER HAND: All health care free, loose your job and you get 80% of your wage until you find a new job, everyone gets enough to get food and shelter, even if they are unable to find a job for a long time, supported child care, income based elderly care (so that those with little cash can get as good care as them with alot) etc.

So I guess you can say that we pay for all of that without seeing either the cash or the bill :)