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Thermalright Slk-947u

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New Member
May 30, 2004
Buffalo, New York
Hello All! I am new to the forums and I am having a cooling problem. I have a THERMALRIGHT SLK-947U with AS-5 and a Vantec Tornado attached to my AMD XP 2500-m and my temps run between 54-58c. I also have an Antec case with 2 120mm fans. Any help or suggestions would be great to get temps lower (<50c).


Nov 4, 2003
It sounds like the heatsink isn't making 100% contact with your cpu. Make sure the SLK isn't hanging up on a capacitor, as i had to file off some of mine to make it fit.


Mar 17, 2004
Helping young Meatballs grow...
Sweet, that's a common problem for people the first time they install the Thermalright HS's. I found out the hard way that with the slk-948 and AS5, you have to twist the HS to get it to release the cpu... I pulled up the first time and it ripped the cpu out of the socket and bent a row of pins. So remember to twist when removing :)

Glad you figured out what the problem was.

BTW,Welcome to the Forums :)