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Thermaltake Core P5 Glass Kit Help

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Oct 11, 2010
Florida, U.S.
I got a Thermaltake Core P5 (beautiful case, btw) for my new build. I bought the regular version since I know a guy from company that can make the tempered glass panels to spec for very little cost. What I don't know, however, is how to aquire the additional mounting brackets for the top and bottom panels as well as the small stands to carry the extra weight (see the following link for the Thermaltake website showing the pieces). Does anyone know if there's a way to get these parts or something similar enough elsewhere? Perhaps the supplier that Thermaltake is using if they're not made in house? Would these be prohibitively expensive to have machined for this? The goal is to get the tempered glass case without paying the cost of the upgrade kit, so nothing too expensive, please. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
Anyone at least know where I could ask around about this? It would be such a shame to have the glass with me, but not be able to use it...
I have the case, very nice, hell to keep it from looking very dusty.
at $130, your never going to beat that..........
if you want to try, look for companies that build custom display cases for stores, not Walmart, think lancomb and the like.
go to a store like that and see if you can see a label on the display cases.
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"Hello Alex,

I checked with the parts department and unfortunately they do not have the mounting hardware itself available from the tempered glass kit.

Best Regards,
Thermaltake Customer Service"

Guess I'm out of luck. Was worth a shot, at least.
In case anyone ever has this niche problem, there's a partial solution that I managed to find. Here is a link for 3d printed holding pieces. They slot around the metal tubes themselves. Not as shiny as the original things, but still decent. I'm thinking of using the 3D file to make a metal variant with a sort of inner rubber lining on the inside to grip the original steel rods.