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Thermaltake Volcano 7+ issues

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Mar 19, 2001
Dallas, TX.
I recently purchased a Volcano 7+, and to my disappointment I realized it does not work with my Motherboard. I currently own an Asus P4T-E Motherboard and 2.0Ghz P4 Processor. What is happening is this: The Heatsink will not sit flush on the processor because the design of the Volcano side clips interfere with the retention module base on my motherboard. If you look closely at the Asus board I am referring to, you will notice it has four white screw covers that are permanently holding the retention module in place. When I attempt to place the heatsink on the processor, the Volcano 7+ will not fit flush on the processor because the screw covers that hold the retention module in place are in the way. I installed it and it clips in fine, but the heatsink will not sit flush. I turned on the computer and my processor was about to fry. Thewhite screws do not come off unless you take the entire rentention bracket off. Last I checked, the Asus P4T-E is a Socket 478 Motherboard and the Volcano 7+ is supposed to work with Socket 478.....NOT. Do other Socket 478 boards have theses for screws holding down the retention module? This is a flaw in the design or this HS/F is not suitable for this motherboard. Your thoughts.


Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
I pat myself on the back for having the guys at the shop try the Volcano 7 on one of their a7v133 boards(same as mine) before I brought her home.
Bummer about the new fan, I like my Volcano 7 now(took a lot breaking/fixing, tweaking and Modding to get it working right)...I am curious about your Volcano 7+, hope you get it fixed and I am sure someone will give you the help you need. Post back when she is working and let us know how you like the Volcano7+!
hope we all learned a lesson, try it out before you buy:D