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Thermistors & GP_temp / thermogamer ?

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Jan 29, 2003
i bought 4 thermistors and tried to get them set up via the joystick port using gp_)temp and thermogamer

basically, they are the correct 100k thermistors and my wiring is 100% .. but 2 of them will not calibrate no matter how many times i try it

and the other 2, well... i got them what i thought was pretty accurate after repeated attempts but then when i put one of them into my reservoir to monitor my water temp. it was wavering on every reading, oscillating sometimes by as much as 2-3 degrees !? whereas my 2 other probes i had in the water (a fish tank probe and a straight dallas probe) were both dead on 25.1 all the time. I dont undertand why these thermistors jump about so much ? Even if my calibration is a bit off it doenst matter really becuase if you look at the raw data they send its always jumping about all over the place. Water is just one temperatire and thats it ... it doesnt change every split second.. especially when my PC is idling. In fact it barely changes by 0.1 degree unless i let some cooler air into the room that then get sucked into my watercooling radiators.

Anyone had more success than me at this thermistor business ?

It would be great to get reliable readings because I would simply love to get MBM readouts of water temp, ambient temp and case temp and then get graphs and history plots of these from MBMlog.