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Thermoengine 6800RPM question?

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hmm, the only fan I know of that spins that fast is the delta, which is LOUD. The YS Tech move less air and spins at a slower speed but is much quieter.
Well i dont know that fan but the Delta as stated above isnt so much loud as it is annoying with its high pitched squeeling. I had to make it run @7V because i was actually getting head aches after a few hours on the comp.
well I really dont think my Super orb is that loud , my case fan is alot louder then it is ,and my bios reads it @ over 7000 rpms on 1 fan and 5300 on the other , Wildone
The delta is louder than the YS tech, but it really depends on your personal noise tolerance. I run 67cfm and a 38cfm delta's piggybacked on my thermoengine and the noise does'nt bother me. But then again I'm an Ex-navy guy and silence scares me ;D
Anybody know where I can d/l a sound file that I can hear to see how loud, they are?