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Thermoengine Vs. Taisol CGK760092 (copper base)

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Apr 8, 2001
Sweden (Gothenburg)
Anybody have experiences or knowledge about them with stock fans.

I guess the Taisol has a bigger heatsink which makes it easier to cool with exterior 80 mm fans on the sides for example. That must be tougher with the solid thermoengine heatsink.
They are both good HSFs. They achieve their cooling through different design concepts. They both are mediocre performers with the whimpy, stock fans the manufacturer intends them to operate with. Fortunately, they are not restricted to those fans. Whichever one you go with, plan on getting a different fan for them. Some resellers offer different fan options when you order them. The ThermoEngine, paired up with the YS-Tech 26cfm fan does a competent job, but will still struggle with high wattage CPU setups. The Taisol does better and better as you go up in fan capacity. Two of its side are 80mm long and it can be adapted to an 80mm fan with a little tinkering. Paired up with a good 80mm fan, it has the potential to do better than the ThermoEngine in high wattage CPU setups, due to its greater surface area. Read some reviews and shoot-outs. They are a wealth of information.

The problem of push-pull fans is one of space. In a mid-tower, I doubt you will have lateral room for a pair. I have not worked with a full tower, so I can't say for sure on it. The other problem is, I believe the two sides that are 80mm are the ones where the flat of the fins occur. I'll tell you, considering how much the CGK-760092 with good fan goes for, it's just about the same price as the Millenium Glaciator. That HSF is definitely going to "raise the bar" for all the other ones in the same price category.


Well. If I lived in the Us i would have purchased it on the fly. The problem is the shipping to Sweden (europe). When I tried to order the cheapest available delivery method, It would have cost 58 us $ just for shipping. But then I mailed the man who invented it and it seems like he understood the problem so he added an extra section at his website for international orders where you mail him directly. So I´ll wait for the response and if the shipping goes under 20 $ us I will not hesitate to buy that fantastic hsf.