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Thermosonic Thermoengine retaining clip broke......waht next?

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New Member
Jul 5, 2001
The contact with CPU was not in the middle of this HSF so i tried to "fix" and after one hour I BROKE IT
>( Grrrrrrrrrrhrhrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh what next? is the HSF useless now or i can buy or use other's ? The result was not so good. PIII 700e @ 868 idle =42 load=58 caseTemp=33 (all in deg. celcius) with stock HSF even with TST it was same and ALPHA pal 6035 same. I tried everything but to no where.what's wrong.......all HSF combination giving the same Temp using MBM on Asus Cusl2
Try to find a old disgarded/unloved first generation pentium as the clips of these can usually be used. ( you may need to bend the clip though, as excessive pressure can damage a CPU core )