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ThermoSonic ThermoEngine V60-4225 + Peltier

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Apr 21, 2001
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Simple question, or not, will this combo fit OK?
I mean, other heatsinks have a complete flat base, the ThermoSonic ThermoEngine V60-4225 doens't because it has those grooves? Whatever you call it.

Hope you know what I mean and can help since I really like this cooler and is has an OK price.

BTW: I want to buy a ThermoSonic ThermoEngine V60-4225 with an 4200rpm fan. Maybe I'll upgrade later to a 5800rpm fan. Depends on how my P3 1GHz CD0 will do with this HSF and my 52W Peltier.

Thanks in advance for so far.
Are you saying you want to use a ThermoEngine to cool a peltier? I'm not sure if that would be a great idea for the exact reason you mentioned....the design of the thermoengine. The contact patch that actually touches the CPU Dye is much smaller than most "conventional" HSF's. Only a small patch of metal from the Thermoengine would be touching the warm-side of the peltier. The rest of the peltier without anything covering it would be like a small oven warming up your case. I'm not the expert, but you might want to consider something with flat base that covers the entire portion of the socket. Good luck
NooO! Dont do that!

Unless you've got a really badass >= 80mm Delta Screamer on that thing your temps are going to kill your cpu. Water cooling with peltier is a dangerious business. Aircooling with peltiers is even more dangerious and normally only practiced by experts.

Ive only heard once of an air cooled peltier solution proving to lower temps and that was with some big *** alpha heatsink with a good 90mm fan, case open.

And as you say, the thermosonic has less surface area than most hsfs so beware.
I haven't played with the Thermoengine but if it's base is not flat and doesn't have contact with the entire surface of the tec there will not be enough cooling to keep the tec from burning up. When the tec goes south it will then act as an insulator to keep heat inside your cpu and burn it up to.

I don't think a 50watt tec would be enough to cool a 1 gig P3 anyway even with watercooling. 80 to 100w at minimum would be better. Also with any tec over 80w water is the only way to go, HSF's are just not up to the task of dissapating the combined heat of the tec + cpu.
freshy98 (Jul 18, 2001 08:04 a.m.):
Well, at the moment I run a Celeron 566@876 with a 52W Peltier and a Global Win FKP32.
Idle is about 6C and load is 39C, guess that is OK.

Those results are not good at all look at the full load temp thats where it shows your setup can't handle the heat.

For example I sold my P3 866EB to a friend some time ago but I had it pushed to a 160FSB and my full load temps were 35C with just a HSF ( Hedgehog/Delta38 ) running 1.9 volts on an Asus CUSL2-C.
I won't be using watercooling, don;t have the room for it.

The 52W is only temporarily untill I get a 80W or higher Peltier. I also would need a bigger PSU (mine is 300W). Thinking about a 430W Enermax. But that's later, not now.

Maybe I'll search for a CAK38 or the SK6 (found the SK6 in Holland :) )
But those are quite heavy, and my mobo is mounted vertical. So I would need some good hanging stuff.
The cak38 would be a very good choice for the 80w tec. I still have my Hedgehog now using it on a TBird. The HOG is a very heavy copper sink But I have never had any problems with weight. I do use a shim with it though to make sure it doesn't rock around and when transporting I lay the case on it's side.
freshy98 its a good thing your doing something about your setup. That is not safe at all. You said you had an idle temp of 6ºC and a load temp of 39ºC.

In my book thats a swing of a whopping 33ºC!!! Dont say that isnt going to put a strain on your cpu, because it is. If your going to keep with the setup you have I'd make sure that your system isn't exceeding 1ºC per 3-4 seconds in change or your in trouble.
It's fully loaded at 39C or 40C, that's it! running this rig about a year now without any problems what so ever. I never have any lockups (running Windows 2000). So I really don't see a problem here.
I know the difference is a bit large (6C to 40C), but it's doing that for the past year.

Anyway, when I get my P3 too I will test with these conditions:
- ThermalRight SK6 4200rpm fan + Artic Silver II
- Thomas Leufkin 52W Peltier
- idle will be running nothing but MBM
- full load will running Prime95 (normal mode)

1) not overclocked or anything, just 133MHz FSB
2) as high overclocked as I can, without damaging anything, lockups etc.
3) using my 52W Peltier running at 1GHz
4) using my 52W Peltier running as high as possible (also at highest using no Peltier)

The results will be posted in a new thread called "1GHz + SK6, with and without a 52W Peltier", so stay on the lookout ;-)