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These voltages any good ??

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have u experienced any problems? ive heard alot of problems with asus boards being their sensors a bit off. as for the other voltages, they seem to be fine.
never trust your sensor readings. To get the true readings, you need to take a voltmeter to the power leads. Especially with Asus...they're notorious for having incorrect sensor readings. Only when your voltages are COMPLETELY out of whack should you worry...i.e. more than 10% off.
god thats why im asking i dont know anything about voltages. I wondering what is a good range for the -12v to be i dont want to find out for my self thats why im asking
If I remeber correctly.........

Your 12v line is not used to power critical components on the MB.
That's reserved for your 3.3v and 5v lines.

I just checked all 5 of my systems and the all my 12 and -12v are running around 12.5v check my sig, you'll see that all (except the laptop) are OCed.

If you ever open up a P.S and really trace it, you'll notice that the 12v line is also the least regulated.

Something another poster mentioned, and is quite important. Get yourself a volt meter of some kind (something decent) and learn to use it.

you can check 5v and 12v lines from any HDD power molex(plug)
Yellow and black (adjacent) 12v, yellow being positive
red and black (adjacent) 5v, red being positive

If you're reading voltages from MBM4(5), bios, ect, you will not get a true reading as all are off by quite a bit.

The voltages that will affect your overclock are your 5v and 3.3v, watch them carefully. if they drop too much you will loose stability.

Sorry for the long post, I get long winded at times.
hope this helps