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Things to be Thankful For

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006

1234567890]*for Food
1234567890]*for Raiment
1234567890]*for Life & Opportunity
1234567890]*for Friendship & Fellowship

and of course:
For Milestones!
         Computekinc.us @ 41,472,496[/color][color=#FF7F7F]

              harlam357 @ 30,181,169[/color][color=#FF5858]

              BigBlockk @ 14,164,726[/color][color=#FF4F4F]

          sneakysnowman @ 10,723,568[/color][color=#FF4848]

           JollySwagman @ 6,058,791[/color][color=#FF3F3F]

                   OC3d @ 4,018,761[/color][color=#FF3838]

                     NV @ 1,213,201[/color][color=#FF2F2F]
               BenMoore @ 1,006,015
                   Wyno @ 1,004,344[/color][color=#FF2828]

              matrixzen @ 754,092[/color][color=#FF1F1F]

             IffyGoBooM @ 500,833[/color][color=#EE2020]

             Blueswitch @ 355,992[/color][color=#FF1F1A] 

                 Sydney @ 222,587[/color][color=#FF1818]
              donvin999 @ 201,215

Say hi to the #1 producer on the team with an astounding 292 thousand ppd - Computekinc.us. That's amazing folding!

Harlam and BigBlockk keep ratcheting up their totals, but high as they are, they won't be alone in our higher ranks, because Sneakysnowman is also generating 200 thousand ppd, incredible as it may seem.

JollySwagman and OC3d round out our returning millions milestones, clearing the way for our newest millionaire club members - NV, BenMoore, & Wyno.

Let's keep an eye on our wine cellar while Wyno gets settled, shall we? ;)

Heartiest congratulations to all the above, for a job well done. :thup:



Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Congrats!!!! W00t w00t!!!!

I hope to hit the 1M club by the end of december (Caligula420).


Senior Fold-a-holic
Sep 22, 2004
On to 40 million Folding dollars! :beer:

Curious, I wonder what the exchange rate is... American dollars to Folding dollars... nm, maybe I don't want to know. :D


Sep 20, 2007
Congrats to all the Milestoners, well done everyone :thup:

Milestones Have Been Updated

Data - Sun Nov 22 @ 13:30:00 PST 2009



Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
:beer::beer:Congrats all you Crazy Diamonds!

Poor Chasr is surrounded on the PPD list by a Compukinc and a Sneakysnowman!:attn:

Way to go on the 30mil H!


Feb 13, 2009
Folding in Missouri
Grats to all the stoners! I have been fine tuning things and kicking it up a bit since I have been feeling the heat from the snowman :) I'm sure Chasr is doing the same cause I know the estimate of catching him can't be 3.7 years (It will be more like 15) Everyone better have a good turkey day! :salute:


Senior Member
Apr 12, 2004
Congrats to Computek on being number one producer. Poor ChasR is right, I pulled one quad out of mothballs to slow down the onslaught, but I've got no room in my greatly reduced budget to add any hardware. I do build computers for friends and business associates from time to time and get some added production from them for a while, but that's all that's in cards for the immediate future.

:beer: to all.