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thining about getting one of these, help a brother out

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Jeff Bolton

Sep 15, 2001
Middle Peninsula Virginia

want to get one of those, mainly for the cheap temp sensing. where would i install the sensor if i wanted to find out accurate on-die temps..would i slide it between the cpu and the heatsink, or what? the abit temp sensor gives me readings from inside the cpu itself but i want to find out the temperature where the cpu and the heatsink contact with each other.

i know this will be more accurate than the pseudo-reliable software sensing, this is all hardware.

Best method would be to stick one under the cpu, but in order to run wire between the cpu pins it needs to be fine... my thermaltake smart fan uses a sensor I tape to the bottom of the cpu, but the wire is VERY thin... a thick wire will cause the cpu to sit co-ck-eyed in the socket, so when you put the heatsink on you risk cracking the core or making poor contact (and overheating).
The safest way to install the sensor is to slide it between the HS and the CPU after the HS is installed. Don't force it in. Slide it until it stops. You want it to lie up against the side of the rectangular die on the CPU but not between the die and the HS.
You might want to check out this piece by Enermax... http://store.yahoo.com/directron/driverrack.html ...
And boy are you right about "hardware monitors" that come with motherboards...On my Soltek SL-75DRV5 the monitor listed the CPU temp as 48C at idle, which considering all the fans I am using just did not make sense (7 80m/m's)...After installing one of the probes between the HSF and CPU from the Enermax temperature-monitor driver rack, temps are 37C to 38C at idle and never above 43C...I really like this piece as I already have USB and Firewire on the front of my case with another Firewire on the Audigy drive… I am using one of the 80m/m YS Tech manually adjustable fans with the Alpha 8045T heatsink and have drilled a hole in the middle of the rack between the two temp monitors to mount the fan speed control knob. Looks way cool and is right there in the front of the case...To further confuse me the RPM's listed by the ITE "smart manager" or whatever they call it, list the RPM's of the fan for the heatsink at 3950 WFO, but when I turn the fan down to where I cannot hear it over the other 80's it list the RPM's at anywhere from 4250 to 5400 RPM...Seems these motherboard manufacturers could get this right...Had me taking my heatsink and fan off reinstalling it to try and get my temps down, when it was the stupid hardware monitor all along.