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Think bout taking off GPU WB

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Aug 8, 2003
Baltimore, Maryland
I have 210 gph pump.
Maze 4 CPU block
Una block from aquastealth for GPU <-Aluminum
3/8 set up

My CPU temps are bout 28*c idle, think my GPU is not getting too much cooling either.
Im afraid of currosion, i got AF in it to protect abit but im starting to see bad buildup inside my maze4. I could probubly get just as good temps on GPU with air just want another opinion


Aug 14, 2003
Cal, US
well if you arent going to overclock your gpu then sure, take off the gpu block. But if you are going to overclock the gpu defineately keep the gpu block on there,


Mar 26, 2003
North America
I think what he's alluding to is that, with an aluminum GPU cooler and a copper CPU cooler, he's going to start getting galvanization on the parts. And he's right. The aluminum and the copper being in the same water loop will start to chemically react to eachother, and will accelerate the corrosion process on both -- the worst will be on the aluminum.

Rather than spending $20+shipping on a VGA Silencer, why not spend another $10 or $15 and buy a copper waterblock for your video? I've got a Maze 4 GPU block coming that I paid $30 (which included shipping costs) and it's a top-notch part.

That's what I would suggest. You've got great temps right now, no reason to screw it up and go back to air cooling :p


Jun 30, 2004
Aluminum isn't inherently bad in a mixed metal loop if the the Al is quality annodized. I agree with Albuquerque, just pork out a few more dollars and get a copper/annodized Al GPU block.