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Think i fried the chip!

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Dec 14, 2001
Under your desk:)
Ok i am having a weird problem. I just got a new 21 inch monitor. It doesn't have a standard vga plug in the back but instead has 5 plugs that go into a vga adapter to the video card. I was running fine on the system not currently overclocked. I have sufficient water cooling and my temps are pretty low. I was runnin for about 1 min and the system froze. This doesn't happen to me very often unless i do something bizarre to it. So i turned it off. When i turned it back on it doesn't post. I know its not the vid card cause i tried another vid card. The system just starts up and sits there doing nothing with nothing coming up on screen. The hard drive is recognized and everything else seems to work. I was thinkin it is wither the ram or the cpu....maybe the mobo. Have i fried the chip? I gonna call amd today but if any of you have had any experiences like this please tell me. I don't have a spare cpu to test in the computer so it would be greatly appreciated if you could get back to me as soon as possible. IF i do need to get a new cpu which one should i get. Will the KG7 support the athlon XP?
by the way i did reapply the AS3 and i remounted the wb after checking the cpu for visible damage. It didn't appear to have a problem.
I dont think so.

This problem really does not seem to be the chip. If the chip wasnt overclocked, there is no damage on the processor itself, and the hs\f was mounted properly, there is no way the processor would have became to hot:mad:. It seems to me that your problem is the monitor. What brand of monitor do you have, and by the way big monitors like that tend to go out. Can you hear windows boot, and what were your temps before. Also if you could, give us more information on your system like motherboard, ram etc.
Ya, like John said, does it at least BEEP when u turn on the puter...and have power....Why not use your old monitor to see if that is the prob?
Also, have you taken the chip out recently...if the prob started when u got the new monitor than that is likely it...if you were fiddl'n before you got yer new monitor than you probably fiddled to much...give us more details..is this a new cooling rig?
You wrote that the HD is recognized. how do you know that?
Do you at least get to the bios at startup? What do you get on your screen?
If your cpu or mobo are bad then you won't get anything on your monitor, no beeps and no posts.
It could be your monitor since it was the only thing you worked on prior to this problem arising.
i know its not the monitor i think it was just a coincidence. The monitor works on the other computer fine and i switched monitors but it still doesn't work. I know that it doesn't even go thru bios cause even tho the hard drive does a little work and the cdroms flash there is no respnse from the keyboard and there are no beeps. There is just a little noise from the hard drive like always when i turn it on. I really think it is the chip. the monitor is a Digital. Thats what it says on the front but it doesn't have a specific model. In windows when u can install the drivers for a new monitor it gives the serial numbers for the monitor to choose. Regardless........nothing comes up on screen no matter what monitor i use and nothing happens to the computer. It diesn't go thru bios. I have tried resetting the bios and unplugging things and butting them back in. I am gonna call amd today.
ooooooo...sounds like the chip...can u try the chip in your other comp? Thats what i did to verify that it was no good....aside from that i have very little experience to go on....Good Luck, May the Force Be With You:p
Check the chip does it have a dull spot about 2cm right under the di (pin side) if so chip is fryed.:(
no dull spot but i don't exactly know what im lookin for. I did notice some green residue on the edge of the core and on the block. I think it might have been a tiny but of cleaning solution reacting to the temperatures cause there might have been some left on the chip even tho i washed it off.
Puer Aeternus said:
ooooooo...sounds like the chip...can u try the chip in your other comp? Thats what i did to verify that it was no good....aside from that i have very little experience to go on....Good Luck, May the Force Be With You:p

no i can't try the chip on my other comp cause the other comp is an intel celeron 366mhz slocket.