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Thinking about a H50 to save space.

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Jan 30, 2008
Right now my cooling setup is a TRUE Black with a push/pull setup using those black plastic fan mounts. It really looks beast inside my case, but the problem is, the first DIMM slot is blocked on my Maximus III Formula. Right now I have 4gb Corsair Dominators, and wouldn't mind moving up to 8gb of ram, but can't utilize all 4 ram slots (isn't this something motherboard manufacturers take into consideration knowing the huge heatsinks people use these days?), and no matter what high end air cooler I use, it looks like I'll have the same issue. So I'm considering getting the H50 just because that would give me access to all 4 ram slots, no problem. Plus, then I'll be able to say I have a water cooled rig :D (that parts sarcasm, by the way :)). But, does anybody have any other ideas\suggestions? I was under the impression using an air cooler like the TRUE with just 1 fan in a pull setup would cause a large performance loss.


Northern Senior
Apr 24, 2007
The problem isn't so much the mobo manufacturers, it's the memory manufacturers and their ridiculous tower heatspreaders nowadays. My HyperX and OCZ platinums fit just fine under a TRUE or a Megahalems with 38mm fans, and those heat spreaders do a perfectly acceptable job.

Regardless, If you want a water setup that will give you more access to the mobo around the socket area, without building a custom loop, then the H50 would likely suit you well and give you roughly the same performance as your TRUE. Don't care for them much personally.
Using a TRUE with just one fan on the exhaust side in pull is not really an option worth considering.