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Thinking about a water-cooled setup

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Jul 25, 2001
Hello all.
I'm moving into a dorm in about a month, and I doubt that my roommate will appreciate this delta 38-cfm. I'm looking to water cooling for its greater efficiency and less noise (hopefully). I just have a few questions. I was thinking about getting the "maze2" block from dangerden.com -- seems like alot of people like this one. About a radiator - will any one from an auto supply store do, or is there a good one somewhere online that I should check out? And peltiers - are they worth the extra hassle for an athlon 1.2ghz? I figure I'd need a pretty large one to remove the amount of heat these processors put out.

Thanks for any feedback
i am acctully ion the same process myself i think i am going to use the doubble rad from BE cooling i talk to a guy there and he said they would be on sale next month for 20 bucks i can't afford a danner or ehiem pump so i am going to use the maxijet 1200 which BE cooling also sales (not posted its an upgrade from the rio (send them an email asking about it)) i am going to go with the den maze 2-1 in hopes that i go to a peltier system after i get use to this watter cooling stuff
Use the DangerDen Maze-2 block and the BECooling single radiator. The BECooling radiator is small and efficient.

I wouldn't fool with pelts. They're more trouble than their worth. They require a lot of modification for the performance gain, and the bang for the buck factor isn't that great.

I'd go with the maxijet 1200 pump. I have that and it works great. I wrote an article on watercooling here

Hope that helps.
thanks for the info, i'll check that stuff out. :)


Also, do you have any reccomendations on a new case to hold all of this stuff? I've got 3 hdds and two optical drives, also... (A lot, I know.)

Another vote for the Maze 2 but I prefer Danger Den's Cooling Cube and a Danner Mag 7 or Eheim pump. This keeps your system all copper so there is no worry about corrosion. All of this and your drives will easily fit in an inexpensive Inwin Q500. You can view all this setup in a Q500 here..

As for pelts, they are a bit of a hassle, a lot of fun and worth about 100 MHz or more. Try straight water cooling first and get your system tweaked and tuned before you play with pelts.