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Thinking about buying a graphics card soon? we'll you might want to read this!

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
Thinking about buying a graphics card soon? we'll you might want to read this!

Over the last six months, people have been reading rumors on just how the next series of graphics cards would perform. Lets talk the GeForce 3 MX.

With the press release date sometime in August, The GeForce 3 MX will be a bargain of a deal in Value and Performance. Most of you prob have seen the projected specs for the MX 3 series,

200MHz Core / 300MHz Memory (SD)
400Mpixel fill rate
Twinview Support, Lightspeed Memory (All GeForce3 features)

If you take the average estimate of the GeForce2 MX 400 which by one company, I couldnt remember, but they had the memory at 300MHz. I think Toms Hardware Guide had somtin like this. The benchamark was close to the GTS. Anyway, When using SD Ram instead of DDR, the Lightspeed Architecture is supposed to free up like 30% more bandwidth which would mean a large boost in performance.

Estimates, The GeForce 3 MX should be benchmark for benchamark with the GeForce 2 Pro. Remember, the MX3 will have a programable GPU so it will stomp the Pro for that plus Bumpmapping fully finally.

So there you have it, the GeForce 3 MX has the performance of the GeForce2 Pro, but featured rich so it equals the quality of the Ultra, and its gonna be "under" $300 CAN ($200US) and thats with DUEL DISPLAY Slapped on.

So basically, your getting a real deal here folks. Lets just hope, PCB manufacturers dont slack off on good quality ram. Lets hope to see 2.8ns ram on these suckers so we can hit 350MHz!

Not to leave ATI lovers out, there R200 is coming out too! and there will be a value version for competition. Apparently, all the chip specs will be the same except it will use SD ram like the MX series does.

Like I said in my last postings, September will be somtin to remember technology wise. All the goodies are coming out then!

opps, .15mic, not .13, I'm pretty sure .13 micron's is what the Ultra only will be. sorry :(
On one other note,

If you like the idea of the MX 3, you should stay clear of 32MByte versions of the card, since this basically kills the idea of lightspeed architexture and allowing for higher bandwidth. If a 128MB version of the MX 3 comes out, look out, that will mean a massive amount of bandwidth even with SD ram :)