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Thinking about folding

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Jul 16, 2001
Hey guys. Been around for a while, but just recently came back to the forum. Life with two kids and another on the way will do that.

However, I've wanted to contribute to the team in some way as I've got a few benching scores uploaded, but with my limited time for things like that I figured folding would be a better way to help out in more than one way.

Currently I have the rig in my sig (4690k, 16gb ddr3, gtx 970, other stuff). I also have my unRAID/VM server that has dual E5-2670's (8 cores, 16 threads) with 64gig of memory. I've got CPU cycles to spare on the server, but I need to keep my CPU temps in check. I'll be getting now CPU coolers (recommendations would be nice) so that can be fixed easily.

My gaming rig sits idle most of the day so I can use it to full potential no problem.

Do I have enough to give a real contribution? Thoughts?
Any contribution is a real contribution.

Fold because you want to!

GPU folding is much better usage of power than CPU folding. The 970 is a respectable card, and will put up some nice results.

I wouldn't recommend burning power to fold on the server CPU...it's a lot of heat. A better bet might be to slap in an old GPU into that server and fold with that GPU. (I had an old GTX 660 laying around that I tried a while back...that card had more production than my 6-core 5820 K).

Again, anything is welcome - and we would love to have you on the team!

Welcome to the fold,
1. After you install the software, set your team number to 32.
2. Get a passkey, you can make your own using a 32 digit hex numbers or let the F@H website pick 1 for you.
3. Read up on the types of flags or settings for each folding slot and your good to go. The 2 you will use the most for GPU folding is client-type=advanced and max-packet-size=big.
+1 to all ^^^^^^^^ this.
the 970 will produce around 300,000 ppd with the correct driver and slots configured as whitehawk has noted, welcome to the team.
I don't know if you've got it up and going yet but we love new teammates. WOOT!

Thank you for joining the "fold".

P.S. This can be far more addicting than you might expect.
Well then. Server will be left to it's duties. Can't give up any slots for video cards. Gaming rig now has a new job I guess. Sitting idle is for people that want cheap electric bills. I'll get everything set up shortly. Thanks guys.