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thinking of building a duron system.....

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New Member
Jan 14, 2001
im thinking of upgrading from my celeron 366@550 to a duron 600(would atleast want to get to 800mhz)

ive read some articles and thinking of getting an ABIT KT7 or an Asus Asus A7V..ive always liked asus products...which one do you guys think i should get?
and why?

and is the 600mhz duron the way to go? and are Tbirds as overclockable as durons? if i were to buy a Tbird instead which one should i go for?

and i also see these 600mhz durons labeled 200x3 instead of 100x6...can i use these durons w/ a KT7 or
A7V mobo? and do they overclock as good?
if you can pls answer all :D even w/ a quick yes or no would do...but if possible pls pls elaborate :)
Well, I can't answer this question for you, but I'm very interested in hearing what other people have to say. After frying my Celeron's mobo I've decided to go with a TBird and can't decide between the Asus A7V and the Abit KT7 RAID. Everything I've read has them pretty much neck and neck.
I have a A7V and a Duron600@800 100% stable. going to up it to 950 soon. T-Birds are not as oc'able but you still can. Cooling is the key. Keep it cold!!! The 600 is very oc'able.

If you don't need RAID then don't get it. MSI has some good boards also.
I've got the KT7 (no raid) and the A7V, and they both have good and bad points, and they were both equally as stable. If you can wait a few days (ought to be available now) get the KT7a - if you don't need the RAID this still has ATA100 support, plus a true 133MHZ fsb, and abit's softmenu III - which is brilliant (it's the main scoring point of the abit over the asus IMHO).
i think ill wait and get that board instead :) or atleast wait for a review for that board :D
then ill decide..

i really like msi boards too..they make stable boards..
but are they good for overclocking?
The MSI K7T Pro 2A is a good board for overclocking because it has a lot of features. It can be a little twitchy while tuning an overclock, but I've found it to be stable once it's set.