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Third-party Omega drivers

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Jul 8, 2002
Any one using these drivers? Did you notice any difference in the real world of gaming?

From FiringSquad (http://firingsquad.gamers.com/)

NVIDIA's Detonator 40 Drivers
With NVIDIA's recent spate of beta Detonator 40 driver releases, we figured it was time to take a more in-depth look at what they have to offer. We've examined their performance as well as image quality and compare them to the 30.82's as well as the third-party Omega drivers that are floating around on the web. Check out our finding's in today's driver report!
October 16, 2002

Third-party Omega drivers. Mind you these drivers are not tuned for straight performance, the creator had only image quality in mind. Without causing too much of a loss in performance, he’s managed to surpass NVIDIA’s reference drivers in that end. Mind you, he isn’t just turning on anisotropic filtering and FSAA. Through some hocus pocus on the backend settings, he has managed to achieve some pretty good results. These drivers can be found at: Omega Corner.



Oct 30, 2002

I absolutely love the ATI Radeon Omega drivers. The color depth and richness is fantastic.

The 2.4.44 drivers based on Cat 2.1 was stable but didn’t have spectacular color depth.
2.4.56’s had amazing colors but was based on the unstable 2.2’s and it tended to live up to that reputation.
This 2.4.62’s, based on 2.3 and is not only stable but also looks great in games and my 2D desktop is awesome.

There have been a couple of problems with Omega’s last two revisions, but Omega puts in the time to give Win98 Radeon users a quality alternative driver. XP users would use the Plutonium drivers.

That being said, there is a slight frame rate hit. So if your obsessed with speed these may not be for you.


Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
These are simply the normal driver set with certain options already set for you. You can achieve the same thing with the regular Dets and some tinkering. Just FYI :D


Sep 30, 2001
England, UK
I used to use the radeon omegas a while ago but now i prefer to use the original ATI drivers. maybe ill give themanother shot sometime to see how they come along lately.