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This could be potential!

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Need to COOL my tbird just a little more, and i`m out of cash.
But i have one good idea.

At the moment i posses:
a] 2 40Watt tec
b] 1 Alpha pal6035 with delta HP fan
c] enough space for watercooling
d] some other resources.

Im planning to do the following.
build waterblok out of the alpha heatsink. [soldering some small slices of metal to the sides.
[the clip remains a problem, remove it, and use a different clamping method... [not yet solved]

On the core put one very thick colplate. Next the plate should be linke 3Cm high, so that i have enough space for the following.

Put a larger thin coldplate on the original one, and place 2 40W tecs on that, finally another small coldplate with above of this little tower est. height so far 4Cm] The modded alpha->waterblock.

Now this should be pretty much low budget. and rather powerfull.
Has anyone thought of this before and tested it? or other quality comments about this little project?
don't waste your time or your heatsink! I already tried that and every other Idea I could think of to use a watercooling system and a peltier togethter for cooling my duron , all I got was a waste of my time and about 8 degree's warmer than I started out with.
water cooling with my reserve tank and radiator out of my case was the best I found . I put the peltier on ebay!
I won`t be building nothing this week, i`ll have good second thought about it.

Btw how did you voltage mod you mobo? [motherboard what else!]

I`m using an abit kt7a, and need some more power.
Read something about putting Vcore at max, flashen etc, and then being able to get a higher Vcore?