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This doesn't work...but do you think it could??

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Apr 21, 2001
OH-Heartland of the USA
The picture is of a cold air chute I constructed out of plexiglass(yea I know, too much time on my hands). The curve at the top goes against the HSF. Anyway, the idea was to port cool air from the bottom of the case directly into the intake of the HS fan. I also installed a small fan to help force the air up the chute. Well, I didn't notice any change in temps, but I think I know why. Even though the fan in the middle(it's the small one that comes with the Taisol HSF) is creating a pressure on the intake of the HS fan, the HS fan cannot push any more air than it is designed to and this condition may even decrease the efficiency of the HS fan.
Now, do you think it COULD work if I reversed the airflow of both fans?? Would this allow more air to flow through the chute by PULLING the air through the HS fins??
The HSF is a Taisol aluminum and it has a 26cfm fan on it from a FOP32-1.
I think I will try reversing them and see what happens.
Thanks for your time and comments.
"I don't get frustrated, I just try something else!!"
You are not seeing any change cause the air at the bottom of your case is probably at the exact same temp as elsewhere in your case.

The idea is rational but why would the air be cooler at the bottom? The density effect can only account for small temp difference in two places so close to each other (1-2c°). And on top of that your case air is being circulated by fans, at least your cpu fan. This practically cancels out the small density change.

hope this helps.
i had a similar idea say a fan at the enterance , and a fan at the exit of the duct and cut a hole so that the duct fits over the HS and the fans create a ind tunnel -i dont see why it wouldn't work but in that setup more fans will still render no more cfm
why not a duct from the outside of your case right on to your heatsink, seems more logical to me.
got to agrea with will on this one .. I was thinking of doing the same thing but using flexible ducting to get air from the out side.