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This free mod took my case temps down by 4C !

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Feb 12, 2001
the Netherlands
So far I added a 80mm intake fan in my lower left sidepanel, an Alpha PEP66T on the CPU, a 40mm fan on the GPU, and the PSU fan was exhausting everything out, now was it? The other day when I cleaned my case I noticed that my PSU housing did not have any openings in the bottom. Only a small grill on the rear that's blocked half by large capacitors and coils. The PCB-board inside the PSU is mounted upside down so the bottom of the casing is completely free. What I did was cut a hole the size of a 80mm fan in the bottom directly above the Alpha. This clearly gave the PSU fan much more airflow. I also reversed the fan on the Alpha (to suck air out like they advise anyway) so now the hot air from the Alpha is directly sucked upwards into the PSU and outwards. I started looking into this cuz it's warm here, at the moment around 85F, and my rig is in the attick with no airconditioning getting hotter and hotter. After this mod my full load CPU temps dropped from 45-47C to 41-42C. Pretty nice for cutting a hole in a shroud huh?!
I like free cooling mods. Some power supplies (like Enermax) have two fans, intake and exhaust. Other ones like my Antec has a powerful 80mm thermister controlled fan. The hotter it gets, the faster it spins. Thermister controlled fans are not really that much more expensive than regular fans anymore.
I'm using a PVC mod connected to a 60mm YS Tech fan screwed on to a Plexiglass sidepanel shooting directly into the "GAPING JAWS" of my DELTA. How do u put those pics on the side there? Real cool. Dropped my case temps dramatically. Now i get only outside air for cpu.

[email protected] CCO 1.7 SL4CE
Just curious you made the hole and reversed flow at the same time is your temp drop from the hole or the reversed flow it would be interesting to see what the temp difference would be if the HSF fan was blowing it's original direction i.e only the new hole different..
Some cases are just not "engineered" - they are simply "put together". I got similar results once, when I reversed the inward blowing fan of the PS inan InWIN case.