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This is good right? Looks good, but have concerns

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Sep 21, 2015
Bought myself a birthday present last month - upgraded to a Ryzen 3800x with all new hardware besides the GPU. Couldn't find a 3900x anywhere so I settled, but am very happy with the results so far even tho I have a few concerns.

For reference: Ryzen 3800x/Gigabyte X570 Auros Pro-Wifi/32gb Corsair Vengeance/EVGA 1080ti SC2 Hybrid/1tb Sabrent Rocket NVME PCIe 4.0/850 Corsair PSU

After about 3 weeks of playing around with settings I think I have it set the way I want. Couple concerns tho. In HWiNFO it shows my CPU as an Engineering Sample. This normal? Core clocks are boosting very well for me, but often the fastest core (according to Ryzen Master) isn't boosting as fast as other cores. Is this normal? I manually set the dram voltage to 1.36 however it shows more like 1.38 and fluctuates in monitoring tools - again is this normal? Last question xD has anyone found a way to speed up boot times? I've disabled CSM, but my rig still takes about 18 secs to boot. It's the POST that takes a while, when it actually gets into loading Windows it's very fast.

Some interesting things if you want to read:

I can get almost all cores to boost to 4.5ghz some even go beyond 4.6+ and only 1 core missed, but hit 4.469 (HWiNFO). I did set the blck to 101 to offset the 99.8 that was annoying me. I tried disabling speed spectrum, manually setting the blck to 100, etc. It always reported 99.8. Used the memory XMP profile, but slightly bumped up the speed to 3733, fabric clock to 1867, and voltage to 1.36. After setting the blck to 101 it now runs at 3770. Ryzen Master shows the mem clock and fabric clock are still coupled at 1867. I also set a very slight offset for the CPU in the BIOS - I forget the value right now, but I will edit this post in a few. Edit: -.03570 offset. I've ran a handful of benchmarks to ensure my PC is stable: AIDA64/Cinebench15/3D Mark/WinMemoryDiagnostic/etc. Latest BIOS for my mobo ABBA.

A recent HWiNFO screenshot:
I'm happy very happy with the new rig. No complaints, but I can never learn enough it seems and want to get some more answers..hopefully from you guys. Thanks for your time.
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I cant help a whole lot but try updating hwinfo to the latest version. That may be why its seeing it as an es. Try checking with aida or ryzen master( not sure if thats the right name for the amd tool) as well. If hwinfo is the only one misreading it i wouldnt worry about it. Thats about all i have for ya lol.
Enjoy the new rig!

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No idea why i cant edit my last post haha.
Almost forgot you can host your pics here in your thread by going to advanced...im on my phone so i cant get you all the way there but youll figure it out. The reason for hosting them here is they will stay here and wont disappear over time.
Thanks to the both of ya for the tip on the pic and for actually posting the pic for me. Edit: Hmm..how to do the resize trick like WhitehawkEQ with my stats pic?

I'll be sure to run HWMonitor next time I'm gaming or something to see temps. I actually uninstalled it early since I read somewhere (at release) it wasn't giving correct info? HWiNFO does show temps, but it's a bit lower on the window with the clock speeds so can't see it on my pic. Using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut with Scythe Mugen 5 with 2 Kaze Flex fans, but in push config since there is maybe 1 inch tops between the rear fan of the cooler and the exhaust fan of my case (CoolerMaster H500). Have 2 200mm front intake fans, and another 120mm on top plus the GPU radiator exhaust on top. Think a push/pull setup would be better? I may try it since it only takes about 30 seconds to reverse the fan and clip. Idles ~37C give or take 1-2C depending on time of day and my AC. I live in Hawaii and it's been record highs for temps this summer in my area even at night so my AC is pretty much on full blast every time I use the PC. My electric bill is gonna be nuts with this upgrade lol 1st world problems I know.


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Your rig looks nice... :)

What version CPUz are you running?

The 99.98 is often tied to spread spectrum... Usually disabling and manually setting bclk to 100 should work but I've noticed that most recent CPUz v1.90 will still report a locked 99.98 bclk? Try previous CPUZ v1.89? Also some BIOS will allow manual fine bclk adjustment like 100.01 or 100.02...

Your BPO looks good... But I wouldn't mind seeing an all core stress load screen shot to see your cpu speed, voltages, and temps under load?

For my setup with spread spectrum disabled HWiNFO looks good but not showing here in screenshot... AIDA64 CPUID looks good but vcore reports a different value? CPUz v1.89 looks good but v1.90 still reports 99.98?

3900X 4.125GHz 3600C16 disabled spread spectrum.PNG
Thanks for the compliment PolRoger. I'm stoked on this rig for sure. Just don't want to leave any performance on the table! I'm using the latest version of all my monitoring apps. My BIOS won't allow fine tuning of the blck speed just whole numbers so 101 works. I don't want to push this since I'm using a PCIe 4.0 NVME drive and it'll probably corrupt my Windows if I experiment with it. Thanks for the comparison! Kinda wished I had a 3900x, but it's probably overkill and I can always upgrade down the line.

@WhitehawkEQ, I haven't reinstalled HWMonitor yet, gonna try to find where I read about it giving out bad info. I did modify the HWiNFO to show CPU temps at the bottom of the window that shows my core speeds. For these results I just ran cinebench 15 back to back 3 times with chrome and outlook open. Maybe ignore the average column tho since I keep looking at things and didn't post this right away.

Seems to cap out at 73C on my CPU. I wish I could see a histogram of it. 3d Mark bench will show a histogram of how long the CPU stays at 'x' temp, but I don't think it stresses my CPU too bad until the end of the TimeSpy test. May have to use Ryzen Master instead just to see if it's just a spike or actually levels out at that temp. These CPU's spike all the time by the looks of things. Another 'concern', yesterday I noticed after a gaming session of under 2 hours that my chipset read 68C. Wondering what temp is the safe zone? I've searched around and came across an ASRock forum where some guy thinks it's around 100C for threshold, but hard to find any info.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day. It's too nice outside to play with the PC lol and I gotta be at work in a couple hours.

Edit: heh haven't figured out the big to small picture thing, but if you right click and open pic in a new window it'll show everything at full size.


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