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This is interesting

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Mar 20, 2007
I'm thinking the next Apple commercials are going to be really funny...

"Hi, I'm a PC"

"And I'm a Mac. What are you doing PC?"

"Oh, Thanks to Window's 7 new backdoor for the NSA, I'm spying on my users for a new goverment database. You wouldn't believe the kind of filth this guy watches. Wanna see?"

"No, no, that's OK. You know, Apple doesn't spy on it's users. We believe that privacy is a right."

"Privacy? What's that? Some new kind of DRM?"

"Something like that...Is that a donkey?"


Edit: Yep, I am joking... My name is oakstave, and I'm a PC. My thoughts are that any backdoor would be found, and exploited, and I don't think Microsoft is that stupid. I also believe that the NSA can get into any PC anytime they want. They don't need a backdoor from Microsoft when they can monitor all the traffic into/out and kick in your front door when they want the hard drive.

Truly, the mother of all FUD.
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Jun 18, 2003
San Diego
A backdoor for any reason would be a terrible terrible idea, for that reason alone MS would never do it. Could you imagine the day a hacker found that opening...

Both MS and the NSA have strong incentives to make Windows as secure as possible. Collaboration in this area should not be that suprising.