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This may be a dumb question so please hold back your mocking...

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Jun 20, 2001
I assume this won't work and would fry most parts of your computer, but I have to ask anyway. What would happen if you put your PC in one of those personal refrigerators, and drilled a hole in the back to let the wires out. Would condensation form, and if so, is that it for your PC?
I apologize if this question is really dumb, but its been on my mind and no one around here knows the answer or is willing to try.
Thanks Guys

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Welcome to the forum! If you look around a bit, you can find that some people have done this. I don't think anyone in here has personally done it, although I know it can and has been done. Drives have to be on the outside (I think) so they don't gum up. I'm not sure about condensation in them, though.

As for your question being dumb, don't think that. This is one of the greatest, friendliest forums out there, I don't think you'll find anyone calling a question dumb.
Yes i do believe condensation would form as the fridge is most likely below ambient temps, dont worry about people flamming you here, wont happen. I was thinking about my future watercooling rig, and because im lazy i dont want to make my comp condensation proof so i plan to only put the radiator in the fridge. Im working out the details but thats what i think i could use my fridge for. But yeah if the temp is below ambient your going to get condensation.
Is there any place I could read about how to make your PC condensation proof? Also, if condensation forms, is that the end of your comp?
I don't think this is a dumb question! Here is my little argument about it..

Condensation forms because an object is cooler then the surrounding air. The cool object brings the tempurature of the air around it down (duh!). Because the air is cooler now, it can't hold as much water in it as it could before. This water has to go somewhere, so it turns into liquid water on the surface of the cold object. This is my understanding of condensation.

If you put you're whole system in a fridge, the air in the fridge may be colder than room temp, but your motherboard isn't colder than the fridge air (it's WARMER). So no condensation will appear on your motherboard and short out the works. Thats why everything in your fridge isn't wet. You'll have to insulate the hole for the drive cables so that no "room temp" air can come in and condense everywhere.

In theroy it should work...Just don't come complaining if some water (for some reason..) decides to condense on you motherboard and ruin your day. I was going to do this same thing someday, only without the fridge, and with something colder.

Just my two cents...
You'd need some good insulation, start it in low humidity, and not open your case for that to work. Possible, but quite a hassle. I like the idea of water chilled in a mini fridge and run through a waterblock better, you don't have to worry about insulating such a large area.
I know for a fact that it's been tried before, and I don't know how long the system has been running. But, JigPu, is right, there should be no condensation if the system is warmer than the surrounding air(i.e. heats up the air enough that the transfer rate: cold to hot isn't too dramatic). Meaning you'd have to leave the system on all the time. If you try it, let me know how it goes, I got a mini-fridge sitting in my basement doing nothing...
i don't think this has ever been a great idea. The thing is that fridges don't cool well enough to cool down a computer fast enough. They are able to cool something, but once it is at that temp, it largely stays at that temp. In a computer, you are constantly generating heat and probably at a rate faster than it can overcome. I just don't think it would work well. Sure, at the start you would be great, but it will be a prob as time goes on.
Yeah... a small freezer would be better. The only problem I see with condensationwould be if you open the door a lot. You'd have to mout any removable drives outside the case for that reason for sure. I thought about this for a while, but decided a home built water block pluss bong would be a bit safer. I'm working on a new bong idea that I modified from one of xjinn's ideas. I'll post a pic or two when it's sealed up right.
I think this would use a *lot* of energy--like leaving the refrigerator door open day and night. It would also put a lot of strain on the compressor, and if it went out....
I agree, if this were EASY there would be more people doing it. See im just thinking about putting the radiator in the fridge so it gets nice and cool and as warm water passes through it cools that water, how well this will work i dont know but it's worth a shot, plus i dont want below ambient temps so cooling just the rad may work. Wildone says he'll give it a go aswell once he gets his gear. But putting your whole comp in there is a lot of work, buying a watercooling kit may be cheaper than the energy cost of powering a fridge with a comp in it. I know my mini fridge uses 34$ of electricity per year, you want to power a whole freezer whith a comp inside?
Yeah...I'd have to agree. Putting the whole computer in a case would be like leaving the door open all day. Imagine those electrical bills :-D . More people would do it if it were easier, and less expensive...

Good Luck....
so if after all this economicness you still want to glow ahead remember that although no condensation will build up in the computer, the air inside the fridge/frezzer will be warmer than the walls of the fridge, and if you occasionally open the door etc, humid air will enter the fridgy thing and you may find condensation builds up on the wall of the fridge, so make sure u have some sort of catching tray for water, at the base of the wall, otherwise your pc may soon end up in a little puddle!
Well you guys have been awesome, and that website, PCrivals.com, really does have an incredible example of how to do it the right way. Thanks for all your help guys I'm might try this out at college next year, won't have to worry about those electric bills!