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This may be the most practical idea I have ever had.

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Dec 22, 2000
remember that freezer MsNath had? Her post was around 4-29-01 if you want to look in the forums. Anyway, it was a deep freezer. I was thinking about placing the mobo and any other non moving parts inside the freezer, setting up a water cooling rig- but use fluorinert as the medium. Then just have everything inside the freezer.

So the pump would suck in the cold fluorinert, cool the chips, then dump it back out to be cooled again. What do you guys think?
I am not so shure that is a good idea. I believe fluorinert is quite expensive? And I don't think the freezer will deal with the heatload of a whole system. Maybe a small top loading industrial freezer like you see in stores for icecreame, the kind that can stand being opened and closed all day long as well as new stock being added. These must have greater cooling ability then a standard home model but the price?

I have an 5 cubic foot freezer that I use to chill my water and under full load, prime95 it will hold the water at -10C. This is just for the cpu alone.

The freezer was a freebee so I did this very cheap but if you want to spend as much money as what it looks like you will need to pull that off why not consider Vapochill?
Well- there are different kinds of fluorinert- but none of them can be considered " cheap." Vapochill is still "iffy" to me. If vapochill can allow for the incorporation of video cards cooling, northbridge cooling, and PSU cooling, then I will consider it. I emailed MsNath to see some specs on the deep freezer- and I am awaiting her reply. Until then, I can only speculate as to what the freezer can withstand.
If the freezer doesn't go much below -30C, you might just try 50/50 water/antifreeze. No need to go with the expensive stuff if something else cheap, readily available and non-toxic (to you and the enviornment)...
I estimate that my freezer can deal with around 100 watts of heat while maintaining sub zero temps, but no more then that. If you want to see a little more about the system check my web site.

As for the video and chipset a good HSF will take care of that. In ocing video cards I have had the highest gains come from increasing the memory speed not the gpu so you may want to take a look at cooling the on the video card to ram to.
its not a bad idea, but you can get great results by just using a large peltier and that would be cheaper. Like the dangerden waterblock that can use 2 peltiers, why would you need more? Your cpu will be more than cold enough, and now you only have to dissipate the heat in the water, just seems a little easier, althogh a fridge pc is very cool.
One thing you may want to consider before you put your motherboard into a freezer is that there will be moisture in the air, and this will eventually build up on your board in the form of ice. It could cause some problems... but then It might be fun to say "I've got to defrost my motherboard tonight."
hehehehe... yep not to many people would say that...
I reckon the peltier idea would be far easier and more cost efficient, was considering something similar myself. (peltiers that is)
Sam (May 11, 2001 10:27 a.m.):
Check out this site..

That is a very interesting link. I just wish they would have followed up with overclocking results and what the sustained temp is while running under full load. Did you happen to notice what cpu they are cooling? No specs are givien as far as I can see but it looks to be an old Celeron probably a 366 but at what voltage and speed is it running? These cpu's do not generate anywhere near the heat of a high end TBird. Once you start adding 100w of heat cooling requirements change dramaticaly.
Reilly (May 11, 2001 12:32 a.m.):
One thing you may want to consider before you put your motherboard into a freezer is that there will be moisture in the air, and this will eventually build up on your board in the form of ice. ."

I only planned on putting the board in the freezer with the fluorinert in there... no room for any water vapor to get into it right? Next best thing to a vaccuum
who makes flourinet? I think I read somewhere that it was 3M....I know they make similar stuff[perfluorocarbons].Anyone know how much it costs?
3M innovations does make fluorinert.... They have several kinds of the wonderful product. If you contact them I believe they can send you a price list.
I've got the guts from a coke machine I'm going to build into a server cabinet ,,I'll let you know how it works :)