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This was supposed to be simple.

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New Member
May 13, 2001
I just got an MSI K7T266 Pro and a 1 ghz AXIA batch tbird cpu, and it was supposed to be all set up and ready to be overclocked. From what I can tell, there are no jumpers on the board to set the clock speed and multiplier, but there's a lot of stuff in the bios for that. However, the computer doesn't boot up if I try to change the multiplier from anything except "Auto." It comes with an overclocking utility but that only runs in 98 and I'm running 2000. I tried looking around at the different FAQs and guides but they didn't help so much, so I decided to just ask. Can someone give me some advice? Thanks.
I should be simple. Say "Doh!" and check the L1 bridges. It sounds like you are still locked. I do not recommend the "pencil trick" go for a conductive pen.

Allow me to elaborate. L1 bridges are a set of connections on the processor that have to be closed to allow you to change the multiplier. You should look up some FAQS on closing these before you try, I think there are some tips on the overclockers.com home page.
Try reading an AMD o/c faq first. You have to unlock the cpu first via the L1 bridges.