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This website could be usefull!

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Forum Magician
Mar 5, 2004
Bedford, Texas
i was looking at it and it seems pretty sweet, but.
there is one problem. unless you are ordering about 20 or more the pieces are EXPENSIVE, i priced a 2.5" square piece of copper that was about 1/8 th on an inch thick with a cutout im the center and for one it was something like $130 usd
but if you order more like 20 than the price was like $17 usd.
you need to order alot to cover the time they spend setting up the machine and just taking their time in the first place :)
but if someone wanted to make , oh lets say some custom waterblocks and they took orders from like 30 or 40 people then it would be a pretty good deal.
but it is still a good find none the less



Dec 17, 2000
Deep in the friendzone
lol, I saw the link and thought 'EMachine...isn't that the crappy, generic consumer PC company? How would that link be useful?' :p

Seems kinda pricey though.


Mar 29, 2003
w00p said:
The guy that started that place must've been RICH!
Them machines aren't exactly cheap...

I bet they dont have one shop with all that stuff, they probably have several different companies that they outsource stuff to.


Nov 4, 2003
From what i gather.... This guy is making a killing between the machine and the program.

The program probably feeds into a CNC machine. the programmer just loads teh stock. A local highschool could do the same for a couple bucks.