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Those of U thinking about Jedi knight 2

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May 21, 2001
well I've been playing it all day..

and I must say.. unless you got a really high end system don't plan on buying it,
first off the load times are RETARDED, I can load maxpayne 3 times over in the amount of time it takes to load this POS...
and I can't play at more than 1280x1024 even then I still get fps plummets... it supports upto 2048 tho I don't think anyone can run it that high

game itself is aight so far...

multiplayer sabering is fun tho, gotta admit :D

my $.02
well thanks for the opinion and update on the game... looking like i will certainly be getting it.
where did you get the game from? I was told that it was just ship today. Most stores will get them tomorow the earliest.
howz' the sound and music? does it make you feel like youre actually part of a movie like mohaa?
Price i beleive is appx. $50, too much for me.. I'll wait til the price drops to at least $30 or one of my friends can lend it to me. ;)
The sound is good and the game is great I have been playing as much as I can for the last 2 days the game rocks, the load time isnt that bad for me and it runs perfect on my machine
"that bad"

load times compared to what u get isn't fair.. I mean we're talking about Q3 engine here!

and we have high end machines, what about your average joe, on his PII?

and it seems the more u turn up the eye candy the longer it takes to load...

and maxpayne still looks way better...

u guys been playing single player much?
Yeah me and all of my roommates have been playing a lot of single player and lan games on campus, I love this game
The load time is painful. I can't think of a single game that takes that long to load. The graphics are sweet, but at 1152x864 the frame rate gets pretty bad when a lot of enemies are on screen. It's the kind of game that encourages overclocking.

Those problems aside, it's a pretty good game.
ok, glad I'm not the only one that thought so.. I thought I was goin mental or something...

the funny thing is it supports upto 2048xwhatever... that's for 21" monitors and such..

how the heck u supposed to run that high!!
hey nilocs running it on a voodo 3 and i must say it aint bad fps at all. Granted the graphics are toned down. But i don't think the load time takes away from the game. Its the best game i have played in awhile i love the lightsaber fights soo much fun:D :D
w/ my [email protected] tbird and geforce 2 and 256mb ram my load times only average about 15-20 sec. if loading a whole new level, and about 7or 8 sec to quikload. heres my thoughts on the game (copied from my post in another thread about jk2)

". . . jedi knight 2 is a freakin' awesome game. do NOT play multiplayer before you have played at least most of the way through the game. for 2 reasons at least:
1) you will suck, all the other will have more (and better) practise and will always be better then those who play multi only-no matter how long. single player allows easier adjustment into the game...
2) single player actually has a very good story too it, and there are some classic stand-offs that'll leave you smiling and say "damn i love this game". playing multi will ruin the experience of gaining the lightsaber and the force powers. you'll already know what to expect and one of the drives of the game is the lust (lust? does that lead to the dark side?) for more item/force powers/the all power lightsaber which you dont have in the begining.

i made the mistake of playing multi first, dont do the same!!

the multiplayer is awesome and intense, as well as the single player is. The game does have some great graphics, very smooth animation and great looking models. ai seems to alternate between being very slow dumb to very fast and intelligent. a bit of advice, unless you have a radeon 8500/g3,4 class video card, dont turn on the volumetric shadowing it will look like crap and will slow the game down a great bit.

oh yes, also, get the collectors tin- it comes with a pimpin' key chain! . . . "
Got a new grapics card tonight a GeForce TI 200 and I must say what a huge improvement. I love it.
I bought this game when it was released. I must say...amazing. The only complaint I have is in multiplayer. The lightsaber swings are alot slower than in SP. They should have kept them both really fast. But other than that I have no complaints.