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Thoughts on this monitor for my pc ?

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May 12, 2015
I have a viewsonics vx1962wm 19" Ive had since it came out wayy back in 2007-8. Its been a great monitor and i got my moneys worth for sure, back then wide screen LCD's were coming out over 4:3's and alot of people still had CRT's as well. Alot of people were going to 21 or 22 inch monitor's which were the bigger sizes that one could get. The reason i never got a 21 or 22 though was because of the pixel pitch or PPI pixels per inch on them.. 21-22-24 inch monitors tend to have pretty bad pixel pitch. Back then a 21-22 inch monitor had a 1680x1050 resolution and somewhere around a .28 pixel pitch which is like 95 pixels per inch or something, to where my 19" had a 1680x1050 resolution with 108 pixels or .24 pixel pitch so the screen is far superior when it comes to clarity and sharpness and i tend to get annoyed by seeing grainy text and a grainy picture.. Bigger isnt always better when it comes to monitor's.

Anyyyway, ive been searching around. Seems today 24-32 inch monitors is the norm now. And it seems there are different panels TN-VA-IPS which i never heard of until doing research.. "yea im far behind on monitors lol" I dont want a 24 inch, i cant find one that goes past 1080p.. They are all stuck at 1920x1080 resolution, and any monitor at 24 inches like that a lower PPI, in the range of 91 pixels or .28-.29 pixel pitch which is something i tend to avoid like the plague.

So i found 27 inch monitors have 1440p or 2560x1440 resolution, and with a resolution that high on a 27 inch screen the PPI is around 110, or .23 pixel pitch, which is where my 19 inch is at. Slightly better actually. So thats perfect to me.

The monitor im looking at is a Viotek GN27D, its curved, 144HZ refresh, 4.8ms response time which will probably create ghosting, but then my 19" is 5ms or 2ms GTG so im used to the ghosting. Its also a VA panel and according to the pictures ive seen of TN/VA/IPS side by side VA seems in between the three, and has much better colors then a TN. Its also got free sync.

I cant really find a monitor like this in this price range from other brands i refuse to go to 24 inchers and i wont go above 27 either as all the 30-34 inch monitors are also 2560x1440 and the pixel pitch is even worse .30 or higher. a 27inch vs a 32-34 inch with the same resolution.. The 27 will **** on the bigger monitor picture quality wise "of course some have higher resolution but they are 600-700+, i want to stay at $400 or less... So what do you guys think ?

I would go with IPS over VA unless you only do gaming.:D I don't like the color reproduction or blacks and whites of VA.:(
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