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Thoughts please

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Apr 10, 2002
Well here is my new setup. I am running a P4 2.53 @ 3.04 @ 160 FSB on CorsairXMS3200. The RAM is set to 1:1 @ 2.7v. The CPU is also maxed @ 15% OC which is roughly 1.7 according to MBM. My temps are 40.5C idle and as high as 48C under crazy load. This rig folds 24/7 so I guess this is a decent benchmark in itself right? It runs great just wanting input on the voltage/ settings. Any ideas on how to squeak out a few more clock cycles appreciated. I almost forgot it's all on a BD72 RAID.
Man I guess I'm a little confused yet on how that works, I'm coming from a year of Rambus and am still attemting to fugure out the DDR math. If anyone has a little insight please let me know. I'm sure it has been posted, but I have yet to see anything since I have had this setup. Thanks JD I'm on it! ;)
I gusee I thought it was somthing like this: 160FSB/4= 40. Then take the 40 and X3= 120. Take the 120 and double it= 240 I have the XMS3200 shouldn't I stay with 1:1 or no?
is your mem cas 2 or 2.5??? if it is cas2, leave it at speed in the bios, and in the soft section of the bios, set the divider to 3:4, and make sure that the voltage for the mem is set at 2.7v. try to boot the computer, and see what happens. if it wont post or get into windows, youll have to go back into the bios, and relax the timings. set the cas from 2 to 2.5 and back off the other settings as well. to do this you have to set mem to manual under the chipsets features. keep up posted.;)
well we have 5 failed attempts, but I'll shall return in a few..with better news I hope :D
OK cool, just give me a sec to gather info off the RAM. I'm not certain what CAS it is.
Where did you find the Ram info??

I also have Corsair 3200 and am about to pull it out and have a look.