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Dec 9, 2003
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
I've got two 2.6c's that won't hit 250.

One is installed on a P4C800 Dlx and is used in conjunction w/ two sticks of 256MB ADATA PC4000 ram (512MB Total). The processor is cooled by a Thermalright SP-94 + TT Smart Casefan 2 set on full blast. I've removed the stock NB cooler and and replaced it w/ the gold colored Zalman NB Cooler w/ 40mm led fan screwed onto it. I used Ceramique on all of the cooling hardware.

My current temps are (as read by MBM):

CPU : 27 C
Mobo: 28 C

CPU : 37 C
Load : 29 C

My system is powered by a 530w Aopen PSU.
My voltages are (as read by MBM):
+12: 12.29 - 11.97
+ 5 : 5.16 - 5.03
+ 3 : 3.33 - 3.13
- 12: 0.00 (?) (Is this abnormal?)
- 5: 0.00

My Vcore is set to 1.56v in bios and fluctuates from 1.63v to 1.52v.
The ram is set at 2.65v @

My system is presently running at 245FSB 1:1. The ram is set at 2.5-4-4-5.

AGP/PCI is locked.
Spread Spectrum is disabled.
Performance mode is set to enabled at the moment.
Hyperthreading is enabled.

I've tried disabling Performance mode. Setting dividers for the ram. 5:4 and 3:2. Loose timings, Upping the ram voltage. I've run memtest over night at 250FSB w/o error.

Increasing CPU voltage helps very little (if at all). It acts stable like for a while until I run Prime95 during which the system restarts.

The other system

2.6C @ 241FSB - 1.525v (bios) - Zalman 7000cu
Gigabyte GA-8IK1100
1gig Transcend DDR400 (512*2) 2-4-4-5

When I swap the CPU's. I get the same results. (ie: the Gigabyte still maxes out at 241 and the P4C800 Dlx at 245.)

Any suggestions?


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
With the first rig, looks like you have great cooling and nice temps and looks like the components are good, so try this: 1) bump the vcore up to 1.6v setting in the BIOS (as long as the measured load vcore stays reasonable, like 1.6v or so, and the idle vcore is below 1.7v, you should be ok). 2) Set the RAM timing to 2.5,4,4,6. 5) Bump up the vdimm to 2.7v or maybe even 2.8v. 4) Sounds like your -12 and -5 voltage isn't being reported, not all monitoring programs measure this.


Senior Member
Apr 27, 2002
wash dc area
1 other thing adata pc4000 is made for loose timings... run it at 3448. secondly it could be that both cpu's just happen to max around the same.. If u want someone to test out 1 of the proc's, id be happy to do it for u


Feb 12, 2001
the Netherlands
I agree but his 'complaint' really should be "both chips can't hit 250FSB with the RAM @ 1:1" I'm sure he'll do way better with 5:4


Dec 9, 2003
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Thanks for the great replies,

When at 250FSB:
If I up the voltage on the vcore, the system will run Prime95 for a few (~7) minutes and then restarts.

As compared to my present voltage where it errors out almost instantaniously.

Isn't a restart a more serious kind of error? :/

Upping the ram voltage and changing to loose timings has no effect. But I've set them that way anyways now for the time being. (Until I'm absolutely sure that my CPU's holding me back.)

The timings are set to 5:4. Still no dice.