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Threading a waterblock?

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Senior Member
May 20, 2001
I'm mostly done making my first waterblock. Just doing the drill 2 holes on 2 sides method. I started to think, why don't I just thread the entire hole all the way through? This would increase surface area and water turbulence. I've done all the way on 2 holes, is this a waste of my time? Should I continue to do this on all of them or stop?
That's what I did. It works pretty well, but I don't have a bunch of water blocks lying around to compare it to. In addition to surface area and turbulence, it also increases the diameter of the water path.

Two things to watch out for. First, I had a bunch of small metal scraps stuck in the threads, and I didn't want them to jam my pump or anything. I sent bursts of pressurized air through, but I still saw some small scraps hanging onto the side of the threads. I kept going in and out with the threading tool, with a good amount of oil on it, and it seems to have worked. Second, getting all the air bubbles out is a 8!+(#. The damn surface tension makes them cling to the threads. Make sure you get them out, because air is a poor conductor of heat (which is why you're water cooling, right? :) ). I kept tapping the block with the pump running water through. I think if you use water wetter or something else that reduces the surface tension, it should help.
I never thought about air getting stuck, but I'm not out for 100% super cool. Just cooler and quieter then a million fans, ok only 8 fans. Also air gets trapped in the top of my reservoir, prolly gunna put some kind of release valve there, but haven't yet.

I've also got a neat Plexiglass base that holds the pump, radiators, and is the reservoir that I made. The clear sides with anti-freeze looks really cool. I'll get some pics of everything posted when I'm completely done and sure it works.