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Throttling the Delta Black Label

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Dec 17, 2000
I'm using the AsusProbe 'smartfan' feature on Windows boot to throttle the Delta Black Label fan down to about 3800 rpm. It is much quieter, quite pleasant in fact. Idle temp is within a degree of what it is with the Delta going full blast. Max temp is only 1-2 degrees higher.
I haven't spotted anything like that on my A7V's PC Probe - presumably you could use it for case fans attached to mobo fan headers? I know most case fans have molex connectors, but I have one noisy 80mm fan with a connector to the mobo, if there was a software utility to slow it down a bit that would save messing around with rheostats (though I've already done that on my 120mm fans, so I don't mind to much).
My CUV4X came with AsusProbe, don't know if PC Probe is different.

When AsusProbe is started there is a panel with a row of icons/functions. At far right there is a crooked arrow. Click that arrow and there is a different panel with one function -- Fan Control.

Below the panel is a 'mercury thermometer' show the alarm limits for CPU temp. Also on the thermometer is a slider which you can click and drag with the mouse. This sets the high/low temp for the Smartfan. There is also a red button which you click to toggle Smartfan monitoring off/on.

I simply activated the Smartfan with the slider at about 40C. The Delta fan was decreased from about 6200 rpm to 3800 rpm. (The idea is, is that when CPU temp goes over the set temp the fan accelerates). However, you can close AsusProbe and the Delta stays at 3800 rpm. Given the effective cooling of the Alpha heatsink and Delta I don't see any need for continued smartfan monitoring -- and no need for the fan to be raised to 6200 rpm as my max temp doesn't get over 38C.

Beware of reboots!. At post time the Delta will kick in at full rpm, which took me by surprise the first time :) I have AsusProbe set to run at Windows startup. After it has slowed down the Delta I close it.
Why buy a Delta if your only gonna run it at half speed? You should've got a YS-tech (26CFMs at 5000RPM) :¬)}

Nice touch tho - as long as the Delta don't burn out the mobo header.
Are you an idiot?

Using AsusProbe to control the fan means that you had to plug in the 3 pin connector of the delta fan to your motherboard which is what they specifically tell you NOT to do in the instructions when you get the fan. They tell you to use a 3-4 pin converter (molex connector), and connect it to a plug from your power supply. Connecting it to your motherboard has been proven to drain too much power from it, and cause instability, or even damage to the motherboard and everything connected to it. DONT PLUG THE DELTA FAN INTO YOUR MOTHERBOARD. I myself have a delta fan cooling my 55watt peltier getting my P3-700 up to 980mhz with a 140 fsb (will do 1050mhz at 150 fsb, but not all my rev.2 Mushkin ram gets detected at that speed for some reason on my CUBX). So, unless you want to damage your motherboard or cause instability either now or in the future, i suggest you get a 3-4 pin converter for that fan.