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Thunderbolt Motherboard

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New Member
Oct 11, 2020
Hi everyone, new member here, looking for some advice.

I'm looking for a Motherboard, with Thunderbolt 3, preferably not needing a PCIe card, I'll state a few of my needs.

ATM, I have 2 computers one for music:
1155 system P8Z77-V-PRO, 32GB 1866MHz DDR3 RAM, 4.6Ghx O/C i7 3770k

For Gaming:
1151 system, Z370 Asus ROG STRIX MATX board, i5 8600k o/c to 4.8GHz, 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM

I want to replace both with Dual boot Win 7 Music/ Win 10 Gaming.

I will be twin custom loop watercooling, have a Corsair 450D case with loads of room ready, so must have good VRM overhead for overclocking, I also need access to 4 'accessible' PCIe expansion slots, 2 for PCIe to PCI adapters to run my 2 TC powercore DSP cards , 1 for PCIe Powercore DSP card and 1 for MOTU PCIe card for my audio interfaces.

I will be using the 3200MHz DDR4 for RAM and both SSD from each computer for the dual boot, with a ROG STRIX 1080TI GPU.

So I need Cores AND good o/cing for gaming, looked at Ryzen, especially with the 5000 series on the horizon but certified Thunderbolt 3 X570 boards are rare, there is only one actually, an Asrock ITX board so no good, if there are not any more I think the 2066 platform would be my next choice as there are more available thunderbolt certified boards available but overclocking aint so hot on 2066 processors.

So anybody got any advice, would just go for a Z390 board ATM and use my i5 interim but prices are stupid in second hand market, I will be using it until I get a new board and CPU though on my Z370 board just as the gaming setup.