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TI 4600 whitch company makes the fastest and best 1 for over clocking???????????

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that card from what i heard was not bad, it should overclock some.

I don't know what company makes the fastest, I think its more luck.

However, that shipping in that Ebay ad is atrocious (sp?)...$15 dollars to ship a video card?

Go to www.newegg.com to get it with free shipping
Gainward and MSI always makes great stuff. gainward cards always have cores on them that will oc a LOT. for example i got my gainward ti200 up to 260mhz core (from 175mhz default) and my ti4200 up to 330mhz core (from 250mhz default). i would only imagine the Gainward Ti4600 would do atleast 330 maybe 340!
pny or msi.. both mine will do 345/775 stock and with volt/mod's and some cooling. 380/810 for the pny.... if you look at the top spots on the ORB id say 75% use msi or pny cards. rememebr msi makes all of pny's and creatives cards now.
msis are good, Asus and Abits are good....the chaintech cards are more show than performance imho
I have Sparkle, no mods, no additional cooling, infact there's no ram heatsinks...I'm having it at 310/742 rock stable, been playing Doom3 Alpha for hours...
My friends PNY 4600 only did 660 on the ram before it gave artifacts which sucks.

Gainward alleges that their "Golden Sample" cards can be OCed alot.
PNY has never failed me. I just got an mx 440 from an mx 400, lol, but ive asked around, and people say that getting a 24% oc dead stable is pretty good. 24% each, gpu/ram
I think these responses speak for themselves. For the most part ALL of these cards are built off the same speed RAM, but if you wan't you could look into who makes the RAM cause some stuff does OC better than others. Since I build gaming rigs from time to time I am able to try out different cards and play with them to see what they can do. I have had the Gainward 4400, Abit 4600, MSI 4600 and now trhe Asus 4600 and they all performed basically the same. I had the "Golden Sample" and it did nothing the others couldn't do. In fact this Asus comes with no stock heatsinks so I had some made, without even installing them I hit 315 on the core and 735 on the memory from it's original 300 and 650. I think the Gainward looks the coolest, but I feel they all perform the same. I say save the money and go with a cheap card unless the PCB/ heatsink color is what your looking for. The bundle aslo will set you back too. In fact if you want PM me and I'll send ya the bundle stuff that comes with a G Force 4 so you can save the loot, you pay shipping of course. :D
ASUS will have the worlds greatest nVidia card untill NV30. Picture this, a NV28 GPU coupled along with the name TI4200 which will make the price dirt cheap and now add 3.3ns memory to allow for memory speeds as high as 700MHz and GPU speeds as high as 350MHz.

350 / 700 aint too shabby for a TI4200. Yeah yeah, i know, its not a 4600 but these gpus are the newest, overclock the highest and cost only a third of the 4600.