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Ti 4800 Returns

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Cowboy X

Oct 12, 2001
Folding in Barbados
As I have said in several threads Nvidia has given up this cycle to ATI since there is no product which they can get out of the blocks to rival the 9700 Pro , 9700 or even the 9500 Pro ( according to some reviews ) . I think this was evident by the decision to scrap plans for a souped up 4600 called the 4800 . The plan seems to have been ............ wait for NV30 . But now NV30 is even more late and it appears plans have resurfaced for 2 Ti 4800 boards . I saw this over at Anand's today :

" In order to shift focus away from the delayed NV30, there is an increasing amount of attention being given to NV28 - the AGP 8X version of the current GeForce4 (NV25). NVIDIA has already released the GeForce4 Ti 4200-8X, which is nothing more than an AGP 8X version of the Ti 4200. As you can expect, the performance of the AGP 8X offering is virtually identical to the AGP 4X cards give or take one or two percent.

For a while NVIDIA had been planning releasing a GeForce4 Ti 4600-8X similar to the Ti 4200-8X that I just mentioned. However, just very recently the Ti 4600-8X has been scrapped (or should I say renamed) and now roadmaps show two new GeForce4s to debut before the end of the year.

For starters we have the GeForce 4 Ti 4800, but don't let the name excite you - the card is nothing more than a GeForce4 Ti 4600 with AGP 8X support. Even more disappointing is that there's talk of a GeForce4 Ti 4800-SE that runs at the same clock speed as the current-gen Ti 4400 but with AGP 8X support. "

This may help Nvidia counter the threat of the 9500 Pro , but only if the 4600 is souped up , ie not just 8x but core and mem improvements like what was done with the 8x 4200 . Either way , they had better sell them cheap .


Apr 21, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
An educated PC user is a satisfied one. I'm glad I'm not coming in NOW, the companies aren't playing fair with the public any more...


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
lol, you gotta love nvidia....
i can just see all the stupid people going to best buy and buying this crap for 50$ more than a 4600....and im sure some people will think its better than a 9700Pro....like pinky said, education is good :)


Mar 30, 2002
Toronto, Canada
They will have the same core and mem speeds, just like the ti4200 AGP 8x had he same core and mem speeds as the original 4200, the only cards that got increased clock speeds were the GF4 MX series, not the Ti cards.

I think this is good news for ATi, Nvidia is going to have a lot of unhappy customers this year. First there was the GF4 MX cards which people purchased expecting them to be GF4s and they turned out to be GF2s (performance wise), now they will have a 4800SE which will be slower then the 4600 and a 4800 which isnt any better then the 4600. You would think they would have learned from ATi's mistakes (8500LE, 8500LE OEM, 8500LE/LE were all called 8500 LE and had different clock speeds)

Maybe Nvidia plans to make money by buying ATi stock then making Nvidia customers mad, thus giving ATi more market share and raising their ATi's stock prices so they can sell of the ATi stock and make a few bucks?