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Ti4200 and a older system

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Jan 5, 2001
Got an older system with a AMD Thunderchicken 850 overclocked to just about 1.39 thanks to watercooling :). It has 396mbs of pc133 SDRAM. Anyway the GE256 that it has in its AGP slot is dying and I figured to throw a new low end card into it. I got my hands on a Aopen ti4200 golden sample and it should be arriving in a couple days.

My question how much overkill is this card for this old of a system? Is this card going to be really limited in its capabilites? Come April I will be building a new system but for now I use what I have heheh.


Nov 6, 2002
Between Heaven and Hell
Depends on the resolution you play and what other additional eyecandy features you enable.

Anything higher than 1280X1024 would be video limited. Adding Anti-alaising and anisotropic filtering would make it even more videolimited.

Other than CPU limited games -- UT2k3 and flightsim are the only ones I can think of -- you would be fine for the majority of games.