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Time to bring out the OLED monitors people!!! Come on get with the program!

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Oct 29, 2005
Are you talking about the huge ones that look like a walk in closet for midgets? Those are extinct. I never owned one nor was one ever in any house I lived in. They always looked like they were out of place and ready to break at any moment. shudder. I never saw one that the picture wasn't tore up lol.
Seriously though, a light projector does completely away with all of the inherent problems a TV gives you, without any of the limitations as well.
That anker one is cheaper than my tv. I almost wish the LG in my liv room wasn't there. I've never owned a projector but I do have a brand 'new', it's old, da-light screen. 4:3 ~ 5'x4'? Never used it so not sure. Guy moved and was tossing it still in the original box.

SPL Tech

Nov 28, 2006
Time to get a DLP. To hell with boxed in, limited feature set, no more updates for you, "screens".
A dlp just needs a white wall, or better yet, a da-light projector screen, and you can have a display that changes sizes depending on how big or small you want it (100 inches? no problem). Plus there are zero restrictions on connections or anything else for that matter. The only thing to burn out is an easily replaceable bulb. They are in the neighborhood of ~$3000 more or less but some require zero setup (you just set it near any wall), whereas others are the ceiling mount, run cables type. Some are so small you could throw it in a bag and take it with you and use it anywhere.

OLED TV's? NOPE. same for led tv's. Chasing the carrot on a stick. Once you catch it it eventually jumps in the garbage. My Vizio M49"? Picture still looks awesome after like 7yrs. Problem is I hardly turn it off anymore. I noticed that there is a dark area on the screen which just so happens to coincide with where all the connection ports are on the back. I'm seriously considering getting a small fan just to try and cool all those ports down but that's probably a lost cause. Once you 'cook' pixels there is no cool down (slow down maybe). It's only noticeable when the screen is all white. When watching movies or whatever you don't notice it at all.
Take roku which REQUIRES a CC just to get it to work regardless if you buy anything or not. I should easily be able to add newer aps to my smart tv but vizio stopped updating it years ago. Any newer aps such as Spectrum? NOPE. I have to use the hdmi cook your tv to death port to get spectrum. Obsolescence by design. Buy any 'smart'phone or 'smart'tv and you'll learn this the hard way.
Shoots, the reason why they push smartphones is because when google (pos) updates the android OS they PURPOSEFULLY make it so that the older phones WON'T work with the newer OS. Slick huh? More like sick. If you build a pc and compile a distro it compiles itself to work WITH the hardware. Android (smarttv), when installed is compiled to work with the device sold. Problem is they purposefully give only so many updates and then it's all downhill. In reality they could easily make it so that ANY new version would compile itself to work with your hardware but instead it's just slammed onto it and then people start getting screen issues and God knows what problems forcing them to toss good hardware just to buy a brand new one.
Save your money and get a dlp. If you do photoshop or are in the medical industry wherein you need super hires displays, great. You wanna spend thousands to play games? be my guest. For the average consumer who just watches tv and movies, browses the internet? A dlp is the ticket.

Dude, what are you smoking? A 2000s 4:3 VGA monitor looks better than a DLP. DLPs are for office conferences where you need a big screen that is cheap and easy to setup and quality is not a concern. Beyond that they are garbage. Even the $250,000 iMax projectors don't really look THAT good. They are okay, but a $400 4k monitor looks better.