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Time to pick a new mobo....and I'm looking for opinios

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Jan 9, 2002
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hye all, I'm going to start building a new system shortly and I was wondering what mobo you would recomend out of the two that I'm teetering on picking.

ASUS A7V266-E w/sound and RAID
SOYO Dragon +

I do plan on unlocking the 1800+ when I get it.
I do plan on keeping the the thing listed in my sig.

ANY input would be greatly appreciated.

Both are great great boards. I am personally biased towards Asus, because they have a proven track record of reliability. I've never tried a Soyo board, so I can't speak for them, but the Dragon is supposed to be one sweet board. Like I said, both are great, but I'd go with the Asus.
I've looked at this again and I'm starting to lean towards the Soyo board. Mostly due to the fact that it has virtually the same specs as the ASUS, and it has a 10/100 ethernet jack. Something that the ASUS lacks and would cause me to spend more money. Which is, unfortunately, an influencing factor.

How well does the ASUS OC? I've heard some people are not able to get very good overclocks out of these boards.
As Abb posted in the Asus forum

"Good board and a good overclocker. I had my system go up to 146mhz running stable. That was just playing around, there are people that have reported upping the fsb to 160mhz. Overall it is an excellent board.

Really, 146 isn't too high for an XP, but for an unlocked XP ...you're looking at a good run at overclocking. Like Abb said, some people have made it to higher FSB. Try checking out the Asus forum.
I've heard that will the asus a7v266 that when you start overclocking memory scores go down. Find out about it.
rnpgrosz said:
I've heard that will the asus a7v266 that when you start overclocking memory scores go down. Find out about it.

I've heard the same thing about them too. Also heard that the 3DMark 2001SE scores actually drop when overclocking on ASUS a7v226-e's.

Anyone have a link to some more info about this?
hmmm those two boards are nice..but you should do some check ups on the Shuttle AK31 Rev3, Shuttle AK35GTR, Epox 8KHA+ and Abit KR7T.. these are very nice Overclockers too