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Time to reconfigure my stuff

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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
attached is a snip of my current drives.

C is boot and programs, sata ssd.
E is general storage, sata spinner.
F is my Dassault systems data, sata spinner
H is my games drive, M dot 2 sata.
my new Sammy 950 evo, pcie, 500 gig drive arrives tomorrow.
this is all backed up on my killer storage box that hangs on the wall.
what would be the best way to configure this?
the distribution of data tends to remain the same other than drives F and H, when I am running a bigger project in Dassault, F can fill up more
and H will have more games on it at times. and can get quite full.
the new Sammy will replace C, sata ssd as boot and programs and the sata ssd can just come out.
any ideas on a better configuration?

Looks good and if you are not missing anything then should be fine.

Personally I would get single SSD for everything I'm using often and leave all other data on HDD in NAS. If you have good network connection then it should still work as fast as on local PC. I mean 1Gbit = max ~120MB/s in theory where HDD usually run at no more than ~100MB/s during normal work.
Are you saying to put the games from H drive on the new C drive?
I just mean that why to use couple of drives when you can keep all on one with backup on network drive where you can keep other data too. However when you have more drives and you don't want to replace them then you don't have to change much.

I didn't want HDD in my gaming PC so I moved all to network drive ... which later was moved to my brother's pc which is running 24/7 anyway. In my PC I have 1 SSD and nothing else. I can live with that but if you need more then your drive setup isn't bad.
I agree with Woomack.

I have:

- 512 G Samsung 950 Pro m.2 as my boot drive and for games that require speed
- 3 TB spinner for other stuff
- 4 TB to backup this system
- everything else is on my NAS

I'll be upgrading the 512 G to a 1 TB in the near future.

After last OS cleaning I have 240GB Patriot Hellfire and nothing else in my gaming PC :)