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time to upgrade? Need help confirming

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Feb 15, 2003
I think its time to upgrade and I was wondering if someone could take a second to help me confirm this as I don't want to buy a new cpu,mobo, ram to find out something else is holding me back.

Machine is as follows:

4930k @ 4.4ghz w/ asus x79 deluxe
24gb ddr 2400
acer x34/1440p

This has been a great machine no issues, etc until playing battlefield 5. I can run around the maps etc all day long with good fps but as soon as I get into a firefight or any wild action starts happening I get some pretty nasty unplayble fps drops (80-90 down to mid/low 50s). If I try to play music using the origin browser while playing it becomes significantly worse to where im getting fps drops just running around. I monitored gpu and cpu usage with afterburner to try to find out what was holding me back and have posted a pic below. The last 1/3 or so of the graphs was on a map that always gives me grief w/ fps drops. This is also on a mix of ultra/high. With everything on ultra it becomes worse. The screen shopt is fairly small. Top is GPU usage, middle is Vram usage, bottom is cpu usage.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
What resolution are you playing at?

Edit... 2560x1440.. I see. That isnt really a cpu limited resolution.

24GB RAM... what is you stick configuration?
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Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
Low to mid 50s fps is unplayable? You are correct. The screen shot is small. I really can't make out the labels to be able to interpret the graph.

But one question. Does this performance problem represent a recent change? If so, did you make any changes to hardware or software that could have caused that?
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Jan 5, 2004
using i9 -9900k @ 5 ghz , 16 GB of ram and single rtx 2080 (2k resolution) same issue , according to what i read it is some bug with the game . for some reason during the game frame rate drop from over 100 to 40 or even 20 fps then again back to 100 .
Few friends with different setup report similar problem too . i do not think there is a need to update your setup .