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Tiny LapTops too HOT for your lap !

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New Member
Aug 25, 2020

Both have 10" screen, Intel Atom CPU, harddisk, wifi, bluething.
Both overheat.
Both have same ventilation problems.

Poorly designed 'tiny laptop' that you cannot put in your lap.

I thought a little dis-assembly, clean-out the wooly things, and we'd be good-to-go.
Wrong! The Acer cpu paste had crumbled from old age, and the beer-tab heatsink had warped from the heat.

I'm serious,,, the fan is near the size of $.25 coin, with attached beer-tab pretending to keep the cpu cool.
I tin-snipped the beer-tab to the trash and installed just the fan. Epoxyed a new $ quarter to the cpu as the heat-sink.
Cut a 2" diameter hole in the case bottom, and covered it with a shiny chrome plated 2.5" fan screen.
Looks cool ! Is cool ! She loves it !

The real test was after the GrandDaughter uses it for two hours, then leaves it running, on her bed.
I found it a few minutes later, still running luke-warm but zero heat near the cpu.

I was about to duplicate the treatment on the Samsung, when my enjuneer-Son squalked "EPOXY ON THE CPU !!!"
Did I make a foo-pah ? I've been using epoxy ever-since Intel made the P-4 room-heater.

I have a nice copper coin from Mexico for the Samsung !;)
There are many kinds of epoxy, some are made for thermal applications. Should be fine with something like an atom. JB weld I don't know, but it could work too lol.